The KTM 690 Enduro motorcycle delivers high-speed filming in tight areas

Perfect for everything from rugged off-road trails to busy downtown streets, you can capture awe-inspiring shots at speeds up to 70 mph.

The camera, which can be Red, Alexa Mini, or phantom VEO with up to a 5-pound lens, is operated remotely and can be mounted at the front or rear of the bike.

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The Reviews Are In...

Peacemaker Filmworks made an impossible movie, possible. Their inventive solutions helped Deadpool stand out in too many ways to count. A bouquet of crisp high fives to the entire team for all their hard work.

-- Ryan Reynolds (Future Prime Minister of Canada)

I've used many different pieces of equipment from Peacemaker Filmworks, from the Motocam, the Subaru to the drones, etc. Everything is always spot on, the drivers, pilots, and operators are all “top of their game,” not just in Canada but anywhere in the world.

-- Darren Prescott, Action Director

“An incredible studio space with excellent amenities. They couldn't have been more helpful with any request we had. I will be going back as soon as possible and at any opportunity for jobs large or small.”

-- Robyn Farnham, Producer

It’s a joy to work with the Peacemaker crew as they execute cinematic shots quickly, getting the directors vision on the "Silver Screen". They also work incredibly well with the VFX team to help get the environment footage for full CG shots. Look forward to the next project where I can work with them.

-- Niel Impey, Visual Effects Supervisor