Located in Burnaby, BC, only 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Peacemaker LED Studio is 3,300 square foot Studio housing a 650 square foot full wrap three side LED walls and ceiling panels, the perfect base for commercials, features, series, photographic, & special effects.

Capable of using video plates and Unreal Engine technologies, the Peacemaker LED Studio simplifies production and brings the latest technology at affordable rates.

Additional equipment and services are available on sight such as additional lighting, robot cameras, live motion shooting, and video plate creation, all to make your production simple and easy.

End2End Media Group services such as currency exchange, tax credit administration, tax credit lending, VFX and more, are also available  if needed.

The studio is currently open and taking bookings.

Centrally located, and fully supported, the Peacemaker LED Studio is perfect for small to mid-sized productions who want to raise their production to the next level, or for larger productions wanting to reduce production costs by utilizing a second unit mid-sized volume LED studio for smaller shoots and driving comps.

The Peacemaker LED Studio utilizes leading ROE Visual BP2.8mmV2 and CB5.7mm LED panels, Brompton LED processing and Eurotruss SR50 trussing systems.

Standard Package LED studio

  • 3300 sq.ft. = 70′ x 47′ x 23′ of studio space
  • 650 sq,ft. = 27′ x 19′ 14′ Volume LED walls and ceiling
  • Onsight full time tech support
  • 2 x ground level load bays
  • Pinrails for rigging
  • Water Supply
  • Power 3 phase 600 Amps, with generator power. 1 x 50 Amp exterior plug for catering / craft services
  • Security system
  • 2 x washrooms
  • Heated/air-conditioned offices.
  • 3 x Flex Support Offices. 1 large@ 13.5′ x 19′, and 2 smaller @ 10′ x 12′ for hair/make-up, cast/extras holding, craft service, etc.
  • Ample on-site parking for work trucks 40’ x 120’, and additional diagonal
  • Additional parking for crew within 1.0 km for larger shoots, 20+ vehicles
  • Selection of folding tables & chairs on site

LED Technical info and support

Ground Support LED Wall

  • 288 – ROE BP2.8mmV1 LED panels 1 – Lot 3 degree spacers
  • 1 – ROE Ground Support Package with sandbags

LED Ceiling

    • 188 – ROE MC5.7mm LED panels

Ground Support Truss System

  • 1 – Tyler Truss Ground Support Climbing Roof System 1 – Eurotruss sub-grid package
  • 1 – Pipe and clamp package 6 – CM Lodestar Motors
  • 1 – Motor Control 1 – Motor Distro
  • 6 – Broad Weigh Load Cells 1 – Wifi Controller
  • 12 – Concrete blocks (500 lbs per)

Power Distribution 1 – 48 channel distro 1 – Combo distro

  • 1 – Cam Lock Feed 4 O/T
  • 1 – Cam Lock Jump Set 4 O/T 1 – 30 amp cable package
  • 1 – Soca cable package 1 – ROE Cable Package
  • 1 – Yellow Jacket Package

Additionaly also available to rent

  • On site equipment available including cameras, stabilized heads, man-lifts, stunt mats, stunt rigging, lighting, grip and cable
  • Arri Skypanel S60-C with Chimera, Snapgrid and more
  • Light Panel 1×1 Astra
  • KIRA 2.0, a high-speed camera robot
  • 200+ Sandbags
  • Lighting & Grip Stands
  • Portable Generators – Honda 7K, 2K
  • Addition studio air conditioning available if required.

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The Reviews Are In...

Peacemaker Filmworks made an impossible movie, possible. Their inventive solutions helped Deadpool stand out in too many ways to count. A bouquet of crisp high fives to Glenn and his entire team for all their hard work.

-- Ryan Reynolds (Future Prime Minister of Canada)

I've used many different pieces of equipment from Peacemaker Filmworks, from the Motocam, the Subaru to the drones, etc. Everything is always spot on, the drivers, pilots, and operators are all “top of their game,” not just in Canada but anywhere in the world.

-- Darren Prescott, Action Director

“An incredible studio space with excellent amenities. They couldn't have been more helpful with any request we had. I will be going back as soon as possible and at any opportunity for jobs large or small.”

-- Robyn Farnham, Producer

It’s a joy to work with the Peacemaker crew as they execute cinematic shots quickly, getting the directors vision on the "Silver Screen". They also work incredibly well with the VFX team to help get the environment footage for full CG shots. Look forward to the next project where I can work with them.

-- Niel Impey, Visual Effects Supervisor